Overcoming day-to-day digital dependence.

The restoration and healing of an individual trapped in the prison of internet addiction is three-fold. DIGINSA provides treatment for internet addiction using one-on-one counselling, inner healing, coaching and behavior modification to break the bondage of addictions.

DIGINSA Was founded by Anke Brand (Ph.D). The purpose is to investigate, introduce and demonstrate the effects of Internet addiction.

The purpose is to provide and understanding of the current academic debate surrounding the topic of internet addiction disorder and furthermore draws attention to the major issues and questions in this field.

It reveals how the pervasiveness of information technology and specifically the addiction to the internet has a massive impact on society and the individual. DIGINSA aims to illustrate the devastating consequences of problematic internet use on the human being as a whole with specific emphasis on the negative effects of social media, cyber bullying, the addiction to cyberporn and obsessive gaming among millennials.  

Commitment. Compassion. Devotion.